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Austin’s Best True Crime & Murder Stories: Experiencing Our Austin Murder Walk

Austin Murder Walk

Texas is well known for cowboys and saloons. Most of us go straight to picturing a Clint Eastwood character with arms perched on a fence, chewing on a long piece of wheat, and looking out over their cattle ranch. But what many people do not know is that it’s a hotbed for the tortured and harrowed. A rural place where isolation formulates dark hatred, mystery, and murder.

Our tour through Austin will lead you on some of the same paths that the most horrific and fascinating people have haunted. Dusty walkways trailed with blood and sorrow. Below are some of the legends and stories you’ll be introduced to and experience when you walk with our local tour guides.

Horrific Historical Figures: True Crimes In Texas

1. The Servant Girl Annihilator: A Predator in The Night

This murderer committed most of his crimes between 1884 and 1885 in the city of Austin. He went after impoverished young women indiscriminately of their race or creed, it seems. His method usually involved dragging these innocent people from their homes during the night and murdering them with a blunt ax.

Police never found the perpetrator, and anxiety within the city drove people to do things like camping in their yards, believing he only targeted people who were sleeping in comfortable rooms.

2. Charles Whitman and the UT Tower Shooting

An engineering student and former U.S. Marine, Whitman was a seemingly stable family man. However, in 1966, after reporting having severe headaches, Charles murdered his wife and children. The next day, he ascended the University of Texas tower with rifles and ammunition.

He proceeded to slay 14 people below and wound 30 more, marking the day as one of the first mass shootings in the United States. Police ultimately killed him, ending the 96-minute spree.

3. The Yogurt Shop Murders

In 1991, a 911 call brought firefighters to an ‘I Can’t Believe it’s Yogurt!’ shop. Upon entering, the firefighters discovered four teenage girls bound, gagged, and shot in the head.

Despite a thorough investigation, the murderer was never caught. There were multiple false confessions and a slurry of insufficient evidence, rendering the case ultimately unsolved and more famous than that sick murderer could have imagined.

Austin Murder Walk: A Nightmarish Experience of the City’s Darker Side

Looking for a city tour that’s off the beaten path? If you want to experience the macabre side of Austin, then our walking tour is perfect for you.

Visit Tour ATX for one of the best killer walks in the United States. You’ll stroll alongside one of the most experienced historians and adept storytellers. Book a tour and see the surprisingly dark side of Austin.