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Murder Walk Austin

It's a killer tour!

Quick Details

Free cancelation up to 24 hours before your tour time. And if you need to cancel within 24 hours, we’re happy to reschedule you for any tour time in the future!

Adult Ages 13+

Delve into the macabre on a serial killer and true crime tour of Austin, TX!

In the year 1885 America’s first serial killer stalked the streets and alleyways of the young, emerging city of Austin. More terrifying than any ghost story, this monster brutally and systematically hacked eight women to death using an axe. For one calendar year, he terrified a city and came to be known as the “midnight assassin”. He was never captured and his identity remains a mystery, or does it…?

This tour covers 2 miles of historic Austin including West 6th Street, Guy Town, the Warehouse District, and a drink stop at the iconic Driskill Hotel. The pace is leisurely and, in addition to a drink stop at the Driskill, (drinks not included), there are short rests along the journey.

Join us on this exceptional true crime walking tour investigating exact crime locations and the various theories surrounding the midnight assassin. It’s a “killer” tour.