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Ghost & Murder Walking Tours in Austin, TX

Welcome to the darker side of Austin, Texas, where history meets mystery on our Ghost and Murder Walking Tours. Go back in time as we explore the eerie tales and infamous sites that have left their mark on the city’s past. Choose from one of our haunted walking tours for a spectacular night in Austin!

Walking tours on Austin’s old, eerie streets are an unforgettable way to explore the city. This experience gives a grim insight into the history of this burgeoning city that the mainstream attractions tend to overlook.

Ghost tours are also a great way to meet cool, macabre people touring the city who might want to go out and get some drinks later! Ghost stories have always brought people together, so a killer tour is perfect if you’re looking for new connections with ethereal people who (relatably) just can’t resist a bit of horror.

True Crimes and Hauntings in Austin

Austin, Texas, is arguably one of the most haunted places on the planet. Known for its elusive ghosts and true-crime killers, Austin attracts people from all over the world who want to witness its darkened boulevards crawling with ghouls still heard crying in the streets. It is a haunted city where horrific people committed heinous crimes, and our guides just can’t get enough of it. Our killer tours provide a great chance to finally catch a glimmer of a ghostly shade with your own eyes.

Below Are Some of The Most Spine-Chilling Sites and Stories You Will Experience Along the Ghost Walk

  • The Servant Girl Annihilator
  • The Driskill Hotel and Its Bereaved Brides
  • The Eerie Lights at Shoal Creek
  • Buffalo Billiards and Its Patrons In Purgatory

Discover Texas’ Most Haunted Streets

Our tour will take you on a journey of sites many will walk by, but few will ever truly see. We’ll point out places where horror and leisure have intertwined to make for some of the most sinister and fascinating stories ever entrenched into the zeitgeist of lore and horror. For the fans of the terrifying, our walking tour is one of the best things to see in Austin.

Exclusive Local Recommendations

Our guides will teach you about legendary historical figures by showing you Austin’s oldest and most haunted places. They will guide you to spots where dreadful historical figures sat down to enjoy a drink so you can grab some whiskey or moonshine and know what it is to see from a killer’s point of view.

Legends That Will Curdle Whiskey

The tour guides have frequented these parts for a long time. They are in on hushed-up pieces of lore that the public never had access to until now. We’ll surely provide the oldest and most ghastly pieces of lore around. Gathering around for an old ghost story with a cup of whiskey in hand is one of the most historic and culturally relevant things to do in Austin. We just hope you’ll be able to sleep that night.

Embark on the Ghost Tour of Your Nightmares!

Asking yourself, “Where’s a good ghost tour near me?” You’ve found it. Book a ghost walk with us in Austin and discover what it is to wander with the undead. You’ll get your fill of only the best phantoms, food, and drinks. The locals don’t call it “Pub Crawl Austin” for nothing!