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Walking Tours of Austin Named Top Attraction by TripAdvisor

We are proud to announce that Walking Tours of Austin has been promoted by TripAdvisor to the number one activity for visitors to do in Austin, TX. We’re honored by this distinction and thankful for the many visitors who have enjoyed our tours.

We strive to make each tour an immersive storytelling experience for our guests. Since its inception, Walking Tours of Austin has offered countless tours and earned hundreds of 5-star reviews. Our expert guides have a deep knowledge of history, and on top of that, they’re talented storytellers with experience in theater and acting.

With multiple tours available, there is something for everyone. Each tour includes interesting history and is just plain fun. See what people are saying about their experiences here.

Thank you for your support and interest in Austin’s history!

More About our Tours

a large building with smoke coming out of it


This night ghost walk is filled with spooky stories of murder, mystery, unrequited love, and of course ghosts! You’ll learn the lesser-known history of Austin, told by our expert storytellers. The hour and a half long tour includes stops at many haunted attractions, including the historic Driskill Hotel.

a view of a city at night


The Murder Walk features the story of the “midnight assassin” – America’s first serial killer. Prepare to be chilled by the terrifying tale as we visit the exact true crime locations and investigate theories about the killer’s identity.

a man standing on a sidewalk


On this more leisurely stroll, you’ll walk through the most iconic streets and landmarks of downtown Austin with an expert tour guide. Your guide will share interesting history about Austin and an insider’s knowledge of the best food, drinks, music, and places to explore in town.

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