Frequently Asked Questions


Where do we meet?

Each of our walking tours will begin and end at the iconic Jo's Coffee right in the heart of the Downtown Austin. Look for the big red ball! 

Tip: Leave a little extra time for parking!

Jo's Coffee

242 West 2nd Street

Austin, TX 78701



What should I bring with me?

All you need to bring is a comfortable pair of shoes and a friend or two. *It's OK, you can be your own friend :-)


Are Children allowed?

Yes! By all means, kids are welcome for both Morning Walk Austin and Ghost Walk Austin. 

The Austin Ghost tour is goosebumps scary, but never terrifying. It's creepy, but never gross. And definitely weird, but never inappropriate :-) Kind of like the tour guides.


Are the tours rain or shine?

Your tour will be rescheduled if the weather is determined to be a safety hazard. Ticket holders will be notified if a tour is canceled for any reason.


Is my ticket refundable?

Yes tickets are refundable if the tour is canceled for any reason.

No shows with reservations will be charged as tour size is limited and spots are saved by reservation.


How do I get in contact with Walking Tours of Austin?

We would like to hear from you. Click below to shoot us a message or give us a call at 512-910-5240.